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"Conflict Space Hamburg": Protest, Violence and Resentment in Urban Space


The focus of the qualitatively oriented research project is the question of how social tendencies towards polarization and escalation of political and social conflicts are also reflected in urban society. For examining the dynamics of conflict and cohesion in the Hanseatic city, the G20 confrontations in 2017 and anti-Semitism are examined as examples

Based on group discussions with relevant groups of actors, different perspectives on political protest and the intensive debates in the recent history of Hamburg (e.g. at the G20 summit 2017) will be examined. Lines of conflict and negotiation processes in relation to political participation and protest, but also everyday conflict experiences in the big city are to be understood from the perspective of private, civil society and institutional actors. On the other hand, the study sheds light on the dynamics of discrimination and devaluation in the coexistence of social groups. Resentment and group-related devaluation are taken into account as a regressive way of dealing with conflicts in modern societies.


Through research, conflicts in urban society, including their latent dynamics, should be understood and made reflective. In a second step, the scientific findings can also provide impulses for a practice that wants to strengthen progressive forms of negotiation and contribute to a democratic conflict culture.


The project "Conflict Space Hamburg" is one of three critical urban research projects in which the Else Frenkel Brunswik Institute of Leipzig University is involved together with other research institutions. The aim of the research is to examine political attitudes, discrimination and social cohesion in various German cities. In the other projects, EFBI scientists for the "Berlin Monitor" are investigating the struggles for recognition and participation within Berlin's urban society and the attitudes of young people towards the topics of radical Islam and radical anti-Islam in the cities of Braunschweig, Duisburg, Leipzig and Osnabrück in the RIRA project.

The research project "Conflict Space Hamburg" is funded by the Hamburg Authority (State Ministry) for Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Integration (BASF).

Responsible: Clara Schliessler, Andre Schmidt and Nele Hellweg

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