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The Leipzig Authoritarianism Studies

Source: Luis Fernando Felipe Alves

Since 2002, the Leipzig working group headed by Elmar Brähler and Oliver Decker has been examining right-wing extremist attitudes in Germany. The survey, which is carried out every two years, is considered the basis for research into right-wing extremist attitudes and their penetration into broad sections of the population

Representative surveys are carried out every two years as part of the series of studies known as the Leipzig "Mitte" studies. In 2008, the results of the representative study from 2006 were deepened in a group discussion study. From 2006 to 2012, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation was won as a cooperation partner. In 2016, the study was carried out in cooperation with the Otto Brenner Foundation, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the Heinrich Böll Foundation. The cooperation with the Otto Brenner Foundation and the Heinrich Böll Foundation has existed since 2018. In the same year the name of the series was changed to "Leipzig Authoritarianism Studies".


Over the years, the study has developed into a highly regarded barometer of political attitudes in Germany. The data obtained and the socio-psychological analysis of the series of studies at the University of Leipzig have now become the nationwide basis for dealing with right-wing extremism.

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Oliver Decker and Prof. Dr. Elmar Braehler